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Photos of Chechnya

A Chechen girl at a refugee centre in Moszno, near Poland's capital Warsaw September 20, 2004. The refugee center houses 182 people, most of them Chechen, where they wait for a verdict on their refugee status. The number of Chechens crossing the border into Poland has doubled since the Beslan school siege in southern Russia earlier this month. REUTERS/Katarina Stoltz

Thomas Dworzak RUSSIA - Chechnya 08-09 1996 Vedeno. Chechen rebells take Grozny back from the Russian Army, the Russians leave and the Chechens celebrate independence. Victory Celebrations.

Thomas Dworzak RUSSIA - Chechnya - 7-8 1995 Tzotzin Yurt. Chechnya under the Russian occupation. Chechen WWII veteran, one of the liberators of Berlin who upon return from the front was immediately deported as all other Chechnes and Ingush to Cnetral Asia at his house destroyed by Russian bombs in the Chechen war. "People Live" sign to stop looters and attacks.

Thomas Dworzak Pankissi Valley, Duisi village. October, 2000. "Kistintzi" (Georgian Chechens) village, home to several thousand Chechen refugees. Chechen refugees demonstrating against Russia.

Shamil. Chechnya. During a Polish language lesson in the Linina reception centre. Waiting to be considered for his application, our aliens can make use of Polish language classes. The classes are mixed, and children naturally dominate. The interest in language classes is a reflection of who intends to stay in our country, and who intends to prepare for further travels.

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie speaks to a woman at the Bella refugee camp on Friday near the village Ordzhonikidzevskaya in Ingushetia, a region bordering Chechnya. Jolie, who is in Russia as a goodwill ambassador for the UN, visited refugee camps near Chechnya.

Chechens. 23-year old today, Ali became a freedom fighter in 1999, carrying clothing, sleeping bags, water and food across mine fields. After a year, he stepped on a mine with his brother. Ali lost his sight and his right arm. His brother did not survive. He received refugee status in June, along with his wife and daughter. He was accompanied to Poland by his mother, sister, son-in-law and two brothers. They are collecting money for Ali’s convalescence.

Chechens. Dancers in a folk group founded at the Bialystok reception centre. 18-year old Zaira is staying in Poland with a distant relative. 14 year-old Wahid arrived here with his mother. His father was blinded 9 years ago.

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